Assignment Content Scenario: You have 4 students in your 3rd-grade class who sco

Assignment Content
Scenario: You have 4 students in your 3rd-grade class who scored Basic level in Writing and Speaking (productive language) after taking the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA). You will be working with these students in a small group and focusing on language production (speaking/writing). Your goal is to help them get to Intermediate level or higher.
Review Standard 3: Productive Language [posted below] and compare the Emergent, Basic, Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate level performance indicators. Your focus will be on moving basic level proficiency students to intermediate levels through the supports you provide.
Review the language characteristics of Basic Level students:
a. Comprehension of contextualized information (contextualized through pictures/visuals/graphics/modeling/realia/videos/role plays/etc.)
b. Enough proficiency to speak in simple sentences (with approximations)
c. Describe events, places, and people in simple phrases/sentences
d. Explain some academic concepts when highly contextualized
e. Learn “big ideas” in content areas
f. Retell stories and information in simple sentences
g. Communicate on basic social level
h. Begin to acquire grammatical elements
i. Reproduce familiar phrases
j. Begin to compare and contrast
k. Begin to generate and speak in simple sentences
l. Can read basic vocabulary and write simple sentences
Choose 1 or more performance indicators to focus on and create a 30-minute small group activity that will assess those indicators.
Note: Consider using teaching strategies from the 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners textbook.
Incorporate skills and strategies including technology (if applicable), that would apply to this group of learners.
Explain how your activity balances the students’ language needs and content needs with age-appropriate instruction.

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