create a haitian oganization in the U.S. list Example on Expectations: Haiti Cul

create a haitian oganization in the U.S. list
Example on Expectations:
Haiti Cultural Exchange
Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present, and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. We seek to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education, and public affairs.
Address: Haiti Cultural Exchange, c/o FiveMyles Gallery, 558 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: (347) 565 4429
Description: The mission of Haiti 155 is to inspire and support long lasting social and economic change in Haiti, which begins with empowerment at the grassroots level. Haiti 155 supports this process through technical guidance, resource mobilization and entrepreneurial innovation.
Address: 346 east 29th Street suite 2F Brooklyn NY 11226
Friends of Haiti in New York
FOHNY is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist impoverished families in rural Haiti by providing enhanced education, quality healthcare and sustainable economic development. What started as a group of volunteers building a primary school has grown into an organization that strives to address all the multi-faceted needs of the community of Bois Tombe, Haiti.
New Jersey for Haiti
NJ4Haiti is an organization supported by the United Way of Greater Union County which is a 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to providing relief and assistance in helping Haiti to recover and rebuild their future. NJ4Haiti’s approach includes support for education, improving the quality of life through clean water, public health advocacy, support of economic sustainability in Haiti and Haitian immigrants in America.
Location: Elizabeth, NJ

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