Directions 1. POSTING: First, read the entire Constitution. Now before you panic

1. POSTING: First, read the entire Constitution. Now before you panic, just know that it isn’t very long and if you sit down for an hour (or probably less, depending on how fast you read — and comprehend), you will get through it. As you read through it, here are the questions that you will address in your posting:
A) What did you learn about Congress (the legislative branch) in Article 1? Identify 3 specific things you learned about Congress.
B) What did you learn about the President (the executive branch) in Article 2? Identify 3 specific things you learned about the President.
C) What surprised you most after reading the entire document? Identify 2 specific things that most surprised you about the Constitution. Please do not use the same answer as you provided in A and B above. Think broadly on what are the most surprising features of the Constitution after reading it in its entirety.
As you read through the Constitution, take notes on the above three questions. When you are ready, complete the assignment by choosing one of the following two options:
1. Create a video where you answer the above three questions. You can try and upload the video in your posting, but I would encourage you to upload it to YouTube and post the link — that way the class doesn’t have to download the video. You can be casual in the video, meaning that you are talking informally into the camera, or you can have some fun by creating a documentary or being interviewed by someone. The choice is entirely yours how you create the video!
— or —
2. Create a poster (in Word, Publisher, hand-drawn and uploaded as a JPEG image, or some other type of software/program that allows you to fit all of your information on one page — thus, no PowerPoint or slides) that answers the above three questions. Again, you can be as creative as you’d like, but just make sure that the class can open whatever file or link you include.
So there you have it. Have a little fun with this assignment. My goal is to not have it be burdensome; rather, I really do want you to learn about a document that has a tremendous impact on your life today whether you know it or not.
In your video or poster, be sure that you include the following for EACH item that you discuss in A, B, and C above:
1. Specifically identify the item of the Constitution you have chosen (ex: Congress is allowed to “define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations.”)
2. Explain in your own words what you think the item you have chosen means (do this for each item you discuss)
3. Explain why you think that item of the Constitution is important (do this for each item you discuss)
There is no minimum written requirement, but make sure that you address the three items above for each item (see A, B, and C above) of the Constitution you discuss (in other words, don’t simply copy and paste the exact wording of the section and leave it at that; rather, you will be graded on how well you explain what each article means to you and why you think it is significant). It is thus important that you identify and explain the article in your own words. This will take more than one sentence, so plan on writing multiple sentences to explain what the section means and why you think that particular section is important. Anyone looking at your video or poster should be able to understand your main points and what they mean — in your own words. Make sense? If not, email me or post a question in the “Questions about the class” discussion board.
2. RESPONSE: Once you have posted your submission, read ALL postings by other students (this is mandatory). You will then respond to a minimum of one posting by another student. In your response, answer the following question: Based on what you read in the textbook, the Constitution document, and the other postings, would you have been a federalist back in 1787 who supported the ratification of the Constitution, or would you have been an antifederalist who was against the Constitution? Don’t judge them on 2021 standards (they didn’t know Dr. Who back then and had no way to time travel); rather, base your answer on what you have learned about the historical creation of the Constitution and the issues they faced at the time. Be sure that you connect your thoughts to what you have learned in the textbook, document, and postings by other students that relate to this topic (it is always important to back up your position with evidence from the readings — this means including multiple specific examples from your sources in support of your perspective). Your response should be a minimum of 6-7 sentences in length and reflect thoughtful analysis and be supported by key points from the Constitution and textbook that you have learned about in the class. Be detailed in your explanation of your choice.
Use only the above sources for this assignment: DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT (use only the assigned document). If you do, you will receive a “0” for the assignment. I want to hear your thoughts on the subject and not what someone on the internet had to say about it! And remember, doing the minimum for an assignment normally earns you a C or low B grade, so plan to go beyond the minimum expectations if you want to earn a higher B or A grade. Make sure that most of your work is in your own words (although you can include the specific phrase from the Constitution that you are discussing).

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