For this discussion, you will analyze a case study in public health from the tex

For this discussion, you will analyze a case study in public health from the
textbook, Master of Public Health Competencies: A Case Study Approach, edited by
Santella. Please review the following case study from this text:
Chapter 6: “Centering Wellness: Using Black Feminist Literature as a Public Health
Pedagogical Tool for Personal Healing, Community Health, and Social Justice”
This case study was based on real public health initiatives. Therefore, your engagement in
this discussion will help you hone workforce-related skills for public health practice.
For your initial/main post, please address all of the following:
How does Black Feminist theory and praxis apply to combating health inequities?
We tend to center “illness” in public health, rather than focusing on “wellness.” How
does the concept of wellness relate to health inequity for Black communities?
Provide an example.
In relation to health status, provide an example of structural discrimination (racism,
specifically) at the (1) organizational; (2) community; and (3) societal levels. Please
explain each factor and its impact on health status.
In all posts, please make certain to include in-text citations throughout and a reference
Collaborate with your colleagues on this case study within your reply posts. Please further
the discussion by offering suggestions, elaborating on points made, presenting additional
evidence/information, asking open-ended questions, etc.
Please review the Discussion Rubric for information on the discussion participation

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