As you read through the Pain Chapter, keep in mind the procedures that you perfo

As you read through the Pain Chapter, keep in mind the procedures that you perform as a hygienist. Consider the culture of patients you have seen in the clinic or in your offices in your roles as hygiene students, assistants or front desk personnel. Part of managing patients is reading expressions (non-verbal communication). This is especially important as it is a component of your care and determining if you need to administer anesthesia. This week, remember to tie in the basic concepts from the Galanti Chapter 1 as these are the corner stones of assessing culture. Think of how the things you are learning can be applied in a fictional case you will create about the culture you are using for the Course Paper. The case must be oral health related. You will tie in the cultural competence continuum, LEARN Model, etc. as you move forward.
Select one of the subheadings within the chapter making sure it has case numbers in the side margins. Discuss the subheading topic topic and how it is relates to culture and healthcare. Select a case number within your subheading topic and tell us why you selected it.
Translate the case topic into a dental setting. How does it impact the care you provide AND how you do you modify/address care in a more culturally competent way.
Begin your posting with the Case Number and page number of the book so we can access it as a reference while reading your post. Respond to at least 2 or more of your classmates posts.
No Duplicate topics- read the board before selecting your topic as to not choose the same previously selected by one of your classmates.

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