Elite Burger: New Product Launch Case Scenario David Smith is a project manager

Elite Burger: New Product Launch Case Scenario
David Smith is a project manager at Elite Burger. He is managing a project to launch a new vegetarian burger using fresh local ingredients and toppings. Based on the executive team’s directions, the project team decided to experiment with ingredients such as black beans, chickpeas, quinoa, and wild rice for creating the new burger. They also decided to introduce a few new and more “exotic” toppings such as guacamole and sun-dried tomatoes.
A few months into the project, the culinary team has tested several recipes and narrowed them down to the three burgers that they think work best. The project team is now in the process of setting up a taste test to choose which burger should go on the menu. The product launch team has also been brainstorming marketing and promotional strategies.
As the team works on finalizing the recipe and marketing strategies, David receives a change request from the executive team. In addition to testing burgers with fresh ingredients, they want the team to create and test at least one burger using plant-based meat substitutes.
David has also learned of another risk the team is facing. The quality and cost of avocados haven’t been consistent in the recipe-testing phase. The supplier has assured him that this is temporary, and they will fix these issues before the project deadline is up.
How should David address the scope change and risk?
In your initial post, address the following:
How should David address the change request from the executive team? Consider how the scope change will affect the project. Describe at least three areas that are impacted. Then, recommend some strategies to manage the scope and explain how implementing these strategies will affect these areas of the project.
How should he handle the new risk? Perform a risk analysis and recommend some strategies to mitigate or manage this risk.

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