This Unit’s topic of discussion is constitutional carry of handguns.  Currently, Texans must 1) pass a background check; 2) take a firearm safety class; and, 3) show basic proficiency with a handgun to carry a handgun.  With their license to carry (called an LTC) they can carry open (holstered on their hip where anyone can see it) or concealed, so long as they abide by other restricted places such as bars, stadiums and businesses that have put up signs saying they do not want guns in their building.  This is all for handguns, rifles can be carried by anyone over the age of 18 with no license. 
“Constitutional carry” has been fiercely debated during the legislature and would eliminate the need for everyone to go through the process of getting the LTC in order to carry a handgun either opened or concealed.  The other restrictions on where someone can carry would still be in place.  Texas’ constitution says that Texans have the right to bear arms, but the state can regulate this “with a view to prevent violence.”
The question: Should Texas become the next state to adopt “constitutional carry” of firearms?  Does the law at least attempt to prevent violence, or is it an unreasonable restriction on Texans right to bear arms?  What are the ramifications of this law being passed, if any?

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