PEER REVIEW: RESEARCH PROPOSAL Learning to give and receive feedback is an essen

Learning to give and receive feedback is an essential part of the writing process. Receiving feedback from peers engaged in a similar writing task can be extremely useful when revising your own work; however, offering feedback to another writer can inform your own process of revision by teaching you to notice inconsistencies, errors, or weaknesses in someone else’s writing. Additionally, aspects that you admire about another student’s work can inspire you to try similar tactics or techniques on your own.
Written feedback should address any questions the writer of the piece posed to your group, as well as the questions listed below. In general, you should expect to write 1-2 pages for each partner, but may also be asked to engage directly with their document.
If you would like to receive extra credit on this assignment, you may also provide line edits and grammatical corrections in your group members’ documents for extra credit.
• What are the writer’s chosen topic research question? Is the research question appropriate, or is it too narrow/broad? How might you suggest they rewrite or rephrase their research question to make sure the have an easy time conducting research?
• Where in the writing does the writer “make their case” for the research they want to conduct? Identify at least two pieces of background information, reasons for wanting to research this topic, or explanations for their interest that you found compelling. Are there any places you think the information included is extraneous or off-topic?
• Does the essay have a clear beginning, middle, and end? If so, explain where those “beats” occur. If not, explain what the writer can do to improve the arc of their writing.
• Name 2-3 details/moments in this piece of writing that you thought were strong, and explain why you liked them. Then, name 1-2 places in the narrative where you’d like to see the writer use more detail or elaborate on their ideas.
• List or highlight (in color) any sentences or passages that you had to read more than once to understand what the writer was saying. Offer suggestions for ways to rewrite at least two of those sentences or passages to make them clearer.
• List or highlight (in a different color) between 2 and 5 places in the writing where you would suggest different vocabulary, sentence structure, or changes to grammar/mechanics.
• Choose 1-2 other pieces of feedback that you’d like the writer to consider when they revise their paper.
I have attached my classmate’s Research Proposal please follow the instruction above. please contact me if you need any additional feedback. Thanks

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