Using the AWS pricing calculator ( (Links to an external s

Using the AWS pricing calculator ( (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.) calculate the cost a company would have if they used the following AWS environment.
This calculator will take your services and give cost estimates based on the services used. The focus of this assignment is for you to use the provided infrastructure information with what you have learned to provide an accurate estimate. Companies use estimates as a starting point in calculating the planned costs for a budget.
Industry-standard is to provide assumptions when an estimate is created. Assumptions explain what information was used to help determine the estimate. The costs will vary based on market price.
Infrastructure requirements:
Servers (EC2 Instances)
App 1 Server Farm: 4 Instances, 4 CPU Cores, 64GB RAM, Linux
App 2 Server Farm: 8 Instances, 12 CPU Cores, 196GB RAM, Linux
Windows Server Farm: 20 Instances, 8 CPU Cores, 256GB RAM, Windows
Database Server (SQL Enterprise): 1 Instance, 16 CPU cores, 256GB RAM, Windows
Storage (Simple Storage Service /S3)
(Uncheck data transfer.)
Type: Standard
S3 Standard Storage: 10000 GB
PUT/COPY/POST/List per month: 200,000
Get/Select and all other requests per month: 10,000,000
(Leave the other fields blank.)
Cost Analysis
Write a 550 word paper (excluding table & figures) answering the following questions based on the environment which consists of several instances of servers and a collection of S3 storage (infrastructure requirements) that will be used for 1 year:
AWS: Use the AWS pricing calculator ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)) to calculate the AWS cost. What is the total monthly cost and annual cost? Include a calculator screenshot of the estimate for all services.
Traditional: Use Dell’s website ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)) to calculate the traditional infrastructure cost. Include a picture and price for one device (server and storage). Calculate the total cost for each type of server (example: 20 window servers * cost of 1). Provide assumptions to explain the costs.
Cost: Create a one-year cost table of the items and prices with the total price for AWS and Dell. Columns: Server/Storage, Quantity, AWS Cost, Dell Cost
Analysis: Compare the cost of building and maintaining an environment in AWS to a Traditional infrastructure.
Which option costs more and why?
Total Cost of Ownership is more than the purchase price. What are two items that need to be considered when deciding which option to use?
What option is a good choice when you are considering using the infrastructure for only one year? Explain your answer.
APA Mechanics are required for this assignment!

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