Week 3 Discussion

Please Review and use for references:
Article 1
Ch. 5 text
As your required text suggests, research is not only for those in academia. It is often a crucial consideration in leadership positions throughout organizations.
In this discussion, consider the organization you currently work for, or desire to work for, and imagine you are a leader in this organization. Consider scenarios that could potentially arise where utilizing research could be beneficial. Examples might be excessive tardiness, reduced production, low morale, and significant loss of customer base. You may use any example with the exception of those listed above.
For your initial post,
Identify an organization in your location !!!!!TEXAS!!!  that complements the knowledge and skills you have developed during your program. (May be hypothetical.) must be organization in TEXAS!! Preferably something to do with CPS or CHILD ADVOCACY!!!
Identify a leadership role that you would enjoy having within this organization. If you are not interested in a career, identify something that you think would be rewarding if you were advancing your career.
Identify the following in association with this organization and position:
Research question: What is happening in the organization that could be researched?
Narrowing a Topic and Developing a Research Question (Links to an external site.)
Hypothesis: State why you believe it is happening.
What dependent variables/factors do you believe may be affecting your chosen scenario (i.e., age, workload, work shift, ineffective communications)?
What type of factor did you identify (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio)?
Are there any potential extraneous variables? Why or why not. If so please list two to three.
Method: What method would best reflect an accurate analysis of the situation (e.g., quasi-experimental or phenomenology, etc.)? Include your rationale.
Lastly, discuss how an understanding of the basics of research and statistics can help a person in decision making, whether in an organization, or even in a social situation.
Discussion posts should equate to approximately 350 to 400 words.

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