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Case Analysis Content
Red Bull Gives You Wings
Use the link provided in the Assignments folder to visit the Red Bull web site. This unique web site features athletes, entertainers, and sports events all over the world. What is so unique about this site is that very little attention is paid to its core product – energy drinks.
Spend some time navigating the Red Bull web site. Using the terminology presented in Chapter 6, how would you describe Red Bull consumers? As you consider the influence of this company on the sports and entertainment world, recall the distinction made in chapter 1 between buyers and consumers. Red Bull has 48 million followers on Facebook. Do you think ALL 48 million drink Red Bull?
Read the chapter. Visit the website. Answer the following questions:
What is Red Bull’s value proposition (it really doesn’t give you wings)?
Identify at least three traits of Red Bull consumers? Remember to consider ALL consumers, not just the ones drinking the beverage. Review ALL the traits in Section 6-2 and choose at least 3.
How are personality and lifestyle related when analyzing the Red Bull company, products, and customers.
Describe Red Bull’s brand personality. How does the company market it’s brand personality to engage consumers. You may relate your own experience, the experience of others you know, or analyze your own conclusions after spending time on the Red Bull web site. You may also visit Red Bull’s social media sites.
Warning: this web site is very engaging. It is easy to spend an hour as a spectator in “The World of Red Bull!”

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