Formatting requirements: Title page that reflects your research topic Table of C

Formatting requirements:
Title page that reflects your research topic
Table of Contents with headings and subheadings that correspond to page numbering
References page at the end of your project that contains all the sources used in each section of the document, including the Problem Statement and Literature Review sources.
In-text citations throughout the body of the paper whenever information is sources
APA style formatting
Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in formal Standard American English.
At least 25 pages in length
Content requirements:
A concise statement of the topic
Problem statement
Significance of this research project
Proposed approach
Historical context related to this research project
Literature Review
Literature review incorporated from your previous work.
Research Design: Methodology
Scope: Population of Interest & sampling
Major variables: independent, dependent & confounding
Data-gathering instruments for collecting primary data
Approach for collecting secondary data or metadata
Data-analysis approach
Research Team
In addition to you, other professionals or officials participating in carrying out this project
Evaluation Plan
How you will determine that the intervention you propose is successful
Research Schedule or Timeframe
Limitations of the Proposed Research
Strengths of the Proposed Project
Impact on people, policy-making and the law
Additional research that may be needed to fully resolve the problem
Reference page
Appendix (Optional)

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