In arguing you do not have to disagree but you can agree the skill set is to con

In arguing you do not have to disagree but you can agree the skill set is to convince your readers logically thus crafting an argument. It is much easier to write about a controversy or argument that pertains to you. Your introduction should preview the argument/controversy and your personal relationship with it. Why is it important to you? If it is not important to you, it will be hard to argue for or against it. You will explain your reasons for feeling this way (pathos) by way of your personal story that led you to your claim. It should have facts or other sources to support your claims that are logical (logos) and should include a reasonable knowledge of what the other side will say. If there is not an “other side” your topic does not have controversy associated with it and will not make a good topic.
Argument focuses on evidence and clear reasoning.
Argument writing is all about whether you have quality evidence and whether you can explain how your evidence supports your claim. The logical process of gathering evidence, coming up with a claim, and linking evidence to your claim is different than the passion of persuasive debates. Rather than ignoring contrasting points of view, different perspectives strengthen arguments by giving students the chance to test their claims with contrasting evidence and refine their positions.
Argument can be defined as a process of making what we think clear to ourselves and to others.  The definition derives from the word’s Latin origin, arguere, meaning “to make clear.”  Engaging in argument involves moving from a private, often vague viewpoint to a clearly stated position that we can publicly defend in speech or writing.  To undertake this process means to pursue the truth with honesty and openness.
Rules and Regulations
Make a claim, have an argument and defend it~Thesis generator can  help you make a strong thesis.
Know your opposition by doing opposition research. Make at least ONE reference to the opposing side, but do not spend too many words on it.
3-4 pages double spaced.
Need a Works Cited page (not included in page count). You need 2-3 sources.
You will need 5-7 quotes or paraphrases from the experts so as to support your claim that fast food is good for people or some other argument…
Follow MLA format throughout the paper
Make sure to quote where necessary and use citations. Use PIE
P= make a point (your point, without writing “I think,  I feel, In my opinion)
I=illustrate with a quote
E=explain the significance of the quote (why you used it, without writing “I used this quote because”)
Signal phrases, when you quote you need to signal that this is from an expert or someone else. Tell us who they are, if they are an expert in a field, state that…

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