In this activity, you will follow along with a video presenting a repeated measu

In this activity, you will follow along with a video presenting a repeated measures ANOVA and interpretation. You will create your own output for the displayed analysis and craft your own short results section. Submit both your output and results sections to the same assignment folder. Remember your results section should be in paragraph format and include responses to the following questions/prompts:
Answer these questions
1. State your null and alternative hypotheses. 2. Is this a one or two-tailed hypotheses? Explain. 3. Calculate the appropriate statistical test. Be sure to include measures of central tendency and variability in your analysis/writeup. ( central tendency is finding the mean, median and mode. Variability is finding the standard deviation and range) 4. Can you reject the null hypothesis? Why or why not? 5. Include the descriptive statistics, type of statistical test, and results of the tests, with effect sizes and confidence intervals.
Youtube links:

SPSS link:
This is the anova data spread sheet that shoul be ranthat should be ran
The questions do not need to be on the paper they just need to be summarized.
Paper format
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