Final Guidance Plan
Your Final Guidance Plan should demonstrate your ability to think critically about a child’s behavior and implement developmentally appropriate strategies that will help support and guide the child in learning new ways to manage behavior.In a minimum of 6-pages (not counting the title page and reference page) address the following:
Step 1: Review Previous Assignments
Review your individual Course Project Assignments from Module 02, 03, and 04.
Revise your assignments based on the feedback received from your instructor.
Step 2: Write an Introduction
Write a short summary describing your Guidance Plan.
Step 3: Assemble Previous Assignments
Compile all revised Course Project Assignments into one (1) document. Organize in the following order:
Title Page
Initial Thoughts
New Information About Jana
Establishing Goals and Strategies
Step 4: Write a Reflection
Reflect on the entire process, using examples from your Guidance Plan. What did you discover or learn about the process of planning for guiding behavior?
Share reasons for why you chose the developmentally appropriate strategies included in your Guidance Plan.
Describe why and how your Guidance Plan is effective for Jana.
Conclude with a short summary of your Guidance Plan.
Step 5: Compile References
Provide an APA formatted reference page containing the citations for all your research.

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