Note: For manuscripts transferred from the JCI to JCI Insight, all submitted mat

Note: For manuscripts transferred from the JCI to JCI Insight, all submitted materials will be automatically reassigned to JCI Insight.
•    PDF file of the entire manuscript, complete with figures, figure legends, and tables, prepared as described in Manuscript preparation. The preferred format for the presentation of figures is to show each figure together with its corresponding legend on the same page.
•    Word/RTF file that includes all text of the submission, including figure legends, tables, table legends, and references, but does not include figures or images.
•    PDF file of any cited reference that is in review or in press at another journal, or is publicly unavailable
•    9,000 words; the maximum allowable length of an accepted manuscript is 12,000 words, including the text of legends, tables, and references.
•    An account is required in order to proceed with submission;
•    corresponding authors will receive an email message indicating that the draft submission is ready for review and be asked to provide additional information. Required documents are as described below.
•    In brief, during the online submission process, submitters are asked to state adherence to editorial policies
•    Title page
•    Abstract (structured abstract for Clinical Medicine only)
•    Introduction
•    Results
•    Discussion
•    Methods
•    Author contributions
•    Acknowledgments
•    References
•    Figures and figure legends
•    Tables (if applicable)
•    Each section starts on a new page.
•    Figure legends appear on the same page as the corresponding figures.
•    The manuscript is double-spaced throughout, including references and ta-bles; however, figure legends may be single spaced if necessary to keep a figure and its legend on the same page.
•    All pages are numbered.

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