Operational Efficiency Plan Project

Project: You are starting a new company and want to ensure organizational success through operational efficiency and strategic vision. The plan for this project is to understand where there is a need in the market to create a new product/ service, understand the components that need to be addressed or factored when managing operational efficiencies (to include resource management), and present the work as though asking for approval to proceed with the project. Friday we will start the basic research and find an organization to create and market, Saturday the team will work on the paper, Sunday the paper will be finalized and the presentation will be completed. 
Discuss the major components required in the operational efficiency plan:
Business Plan
How will you obtain funds for the project?  (are you asking for funds or obtaining from another source)
How many funds are required to start?
What is the timeframe to launch?
Resource requirements
Other support IT to get the systems up and running (networking, database, etc…)
Office Space
Key concepts to address to ensure the organization is running efficiently
Organizational Learning Concepts and Theories
Integration of IT Resources
Virtual Teams? Local Teams?  Why?
Ethical and Legal Implications
Cyber Security and Privacy of Information
What do you have to account for?  (managing data or credit card information?)
Best Practices that you are going to implement in your organization and why
Summary and Next Steps

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