Over the months, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of protest and solidar

Over the months, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of protest and solidarity related to instances of racial and social injustice. Many companies like Nike, Adidas, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s have issued statements condemning police brutality and support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Celebrities are participating in protesting and using their social media platforms to influence attitudes. Others are offering financial support to help promote reform.
This is a very complex topic. As you consider the impact of business in society as well as the impact of society on business, recall the very first idea we explored in Chapter 1: Consumption is about more than purchasing a product or service. It is about the choices we make and how our interaction leads to the consumption story. The human experience is made up of consumption-relevant episodes that ultimately determine value.
As we read Chapter 6 and reflect on our own values as consumers, consider the concepts that define and drive consumer behavior. Using the concepts discussed in Chapter 6, explain why companies and celebrities are now engaging in brand activism to influence justice and reform. Consider specific topics presented in Chapter 6 like: personology, symbolic Interaction, and organizational identification.

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