Please note that the concert report should not be a narrative report on yourself

Please note that the concert report should not be a narrative report on yourself, but rather is a report on all the details of the concert you attended. Think exactly like a reporter for a jazz magazine! In your last paragraph of the report you may include a few comments on how the concert affected you overall. Like a reporter, you are required list the names of all musicians, songs performed, soloist that were featured, highlights of the show, styles performed and may include comments from the band leader.
You will submit your concert report by pasting it into the platform provided online. Do not submit documents because we do not accept them. To receive credit you must have pasted your concert report into the platform.
Your Concert Report must utilize terminology you are learning in the book and in the Powerpoints (i,e. Funk groove, boogie woogie feel, delta blues, straight eights, hard bop, two beat, four beat, 12 bar blues, trumpet, trombone, drums, etc.). You may only review a concert that has occurred during the time of this course and you may not write a concert report on a concert you attended prior to starting date of this course.
PLEASE NOTE:  For concerts that are pre-approved, you do not need our approval to attend them.
What concerts are preapproved that may I attend that count for the concert report?
Any concerts listed on the uf jazz calendar located at!about1/c4x4 

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