Please write a one-page paper on the Topic: PARENTS’ RIGHTS TO REFUSE IMMUNIZATI

Please write a one-page paper on the Topic: PARENTS’ RIGHTS TO REFUSE IMMUNIZATION.
Instructions are attached.
Immunizations are an important factor in prevention of infant illness, disability, and death. Immunization programs are responsible for the decline in many preventable diseases. Despite the public health success of immunization programs, many infants remain without immunizations. This is sometimes due to a lack of resources or a lack of knowledge on the part of parents. However, sometimes parents choose not to immunize. This choice may be made for religious or personal reasons.
Research this topic and respond to the questions below. Here are some helpful resource to start your research:
Delaware immunization information
CDC Vaccines and Children
a. Describe the arguments on both sides of the debate.
b. What are the rights and responsibilities of parents with respect to immunization of their infants?
c. How do you balance parental rights with public health?
d. Do the reasons for the parents’ choice play a role in making this determination?
e. Should parents consider the possible spread of infection to other children who might be exposed?

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