SELF-REFLECTION #2 Opportunity to reflect on all that you’ve learned about your

Opportunity to reflect on all that you’ve learned about yourself and personality by applying what you’ve learned through this class. Plan to use your Self-Reflection #1 (attached) to help you relate what you thought you knew about your personality to what you understand about it now. Plan to address what you learned from your trait inventories (attached) and how it relates to what you learned in
Chap 6 (Traits & Types)
Chap 4 (Persons & Situations)
Chap 14 (Learning, Motivation, Emotion & Thinking)  How has your personality been stable, developed and changed over the years?
Relate to Chap 7 (Stability, Development & Change)) AND how you know yourself developed? (Chap 15 The Self: What you know about yourself
Chap 10 & 11 (Freud & Beyond Freud)  How do you see the effects of genetics and biology in your personality
Chap 9 (Genetics & Evolution) AND how has the culture of your family affected your personality
Chap 13 (Culture Variation)
Chap 10 & 11 (Freud & Beyond Freud)
And how do you put this all together to understand how your personality has impacted your relationships and career choice
Chap 16 (Relationships & Business) and your mental & physical health
Chap 17 (Mental & Physical Health)  What have you learned the most about yourself and others by taking this course? How has this changed since your wrote your first self-reflection in the first week of our 1st summer session?
Be sure that you use specific references to concepts and research studies, using APA formatting & style when citing. This is a formal essay. You must demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in the chapters noted, as you relate it to your personality.
Typed, double-spaced, Times Roman 12pt, Minimum of 8 pages

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