Start to think like a packaging scientist! Now that we have covered materials in

Start to think like a packaging scientist!
Now that we have covered materials in packaging it is important to think about how we might change a package and why. For our discussion board in week four I have assigned a package material to you per the last digit of your PID number. While not completely related, I hope this discussion board will help get your ideas flowing to help you with your project due at the end of week 6!
Please complete the following in your discussion entry, you must start a thread to see other’s threads and please number your answers to each of the following questions:
1. Choose a product that is packaged in the material you are focused on (per your PID # below); this could be a primary, secondary or tertiary package material (ie – corrugated box, might contain 12 paperboard boxes – as a secondary container)
2. Explain why the product is packaged in that material (use your content to support this, don’t just make up a reason!)
3. Tell us what other material you think the package could be packaged in and why (again use your content in the course to support reasons; you might change a product’s packaging material and be creative if you want to put bread in a metal box, great – just tell us why that is a good idea)
4. Tell us how the new material could address potential marketing needs for the package (this is not in your content, so be creative!).
5. Tell us how the new design will still meet the product’s specific requirements as we learned in the functions of packaging (1.2) (ie: bread must not lose moisture content, etc.)
6 – Please start with a metalized film(this is the packaging material I need to discuss)

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