This longer essay is on one of our three final texts (Earnest, Doubt, Alice). Pa

This longer essay is on one of our three final texts (Earnest, Doubt, Alice). Part B will cover the two texts that you do not cover here. This is an open-book/open-note exam.
Choose one of the three texts (Earnest, Doubt, Alice) and write a detailed essay comparing the film version that you viewed and the play/novel. This needs to be a thesis-based paper, arguing something important or interesting about the comparison and why it is significant (sample thesis statements below). As always, this is open book and open note. You may use outside sources, but please make sure those are cited. This should take you about an hour to complete, but feel free to take the whole time. You can also draw from your previous responses, but I would not recommend cutting/pasting.
Here’s the sort of thing I’m looking for in a thesis:
“While the Hans Christian Andersen version of “The Little Mermaid” highlights the importance of the sacrifices made by the mermaid’s sisters, the Disney version largely leaves out the sisters. This change demonstrates how Andersen’s story was, at its heart, a story of the sacrifices we make for love, while Disney focuses on we can gain our redemption through love.”
“In the film version of The Hunger Games, the audience gets a view into the Control Room that oversees and manipulates the game. This is something that is largely absent from the novel. The effect of this is that that film’s audience has that extra understanding of the voyeuristic nature of the story: just as the controllers watch the game, so we watch the movie.”
“The film version of To Kill a Mockingbird focuses much more on the second half of the book, largely overlooking the importance of Boo Radley. Thus, the film is very much a story of the civil rights struggle and less on the coming of the age story of Scout.”
Select questions pertaining to the two texts that you did not discuss in Part A (ie. If you wrote your essay on Doubt, answer the Alice and Earnest questions.) Each of these questions should take you about 30 minutes to answer.
We discussed a great deal how The Importance of Being Earnest is a deeply satirical look at Victorian society. Explain what Wilde is satirizing and how.
We discussed how context plays heavily into the play Doubt. Discuss how the context of when the story takes place is significant to the story. (ie. When does the story take place? Why does this matter?”)
Identity what you think is the overall point or the most important theme of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Select one chapter of the book and discuss how this chapter demonstrates that theme.

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