Assignment Guidelines- The health teaching project is created to provide or enha

Assignment Guidelines-
The health teaching project is created to provide or enhance knowledge through client teaching. Competencies for health teaching skills include: 1) providing health information, 2) integrating teaching/learning activities into client interactions, and 3) incorporating health promotion and/or teaching into the plan of care.
The purpose of this assignment is to document and evaluate teaching skills necessary to promote wellness, disease prevention, and provide illness or disease-specific teaching to an individual client or group of clients with a demonstrated health need.
Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to achieve the following objectives:
-Demonstrate the ability to anticipate learning needs based on knowledge of specific illness or disease
-Demonstrate the ability to thoroughly assess the learning needs of an individual or for the group.
-Demonstrate the ability to foster client participation and set mutually acceptable goals and objectives.
Utilize teaching/learning principles to facilitate achievement of goals and outcomes.
-Select and prioritize learning strategies necessary to achieve goals and outcomes.
-Provide rationales for teaching plan.
-Reflectively analyze the effectiveness of the plan and offer recommendations for improvement.
-Paper is to adhere to APA guidelines.
*Please refer to the Primary Care Project Plan as well as the aesthetic project links as this is the subject (Hypertension) of our community health teaching plan. The attached reflection is a past example of layout that can be followed.
Rubric Name: Primary Care (Health Education Teaching/Learning) Project
Comprehensive Assessment- 2 points
Clearly presents comprehensive assessment data.
Adheres to APA format; error free paper; and consist of well constructed paragraphs.
Health Education Outcomes- 2 points
Provides at least two appropriate health education outcomes.
Health Education Plan Design- 2 points
Provides complete description of planned teaching and rationale for teaching the specific content.
Health Education Implementation- 2 points
Describes in detail how the plan will be implemented.
Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness- 2 points
Clearly describes how each outcome of the educational plan would be evaluated for effectiveness.
High Achievement of Expectations-10 points minimum

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