Capstone Reflection Paper Outline.

Reflection paper outline
Please create a simple reflection paper outline for the RN to BSN Capstone Course this will be used to eventually generated the reflection paper later.
This RN -BSN took 12 months indication the reason for choosing this program at this college name is 1234. Indicate why this school, courses 7 weeks was a factor also 13 months program and being able to do it online help. This RN to BSN help me develop management skills and development of nursing roles see the courses below. The courses below were taken during the BSN.
See Attachment for guidance.
NUR 3000 Nursing Theory 
NUR 3013 Transition to Professional Nursing 
NUR 3030 Health Assessment 
NUR 3031 Pathophysiology in Nursing Practice 
NUR 3530 Nursing Informatics 
NUR 3021 Nursing Research Methods 
NUR 3020 Community Based Nursing Practice 
NUR 3040 Holistic Nursing 
NUR 4550 Evidenced Based Nursing 
NUR 4031 The Business of Healthcare in Complex Systems 
NUR 4021Transformational Leadership 
NUR 4655 Diversity 
NUR 4040 Capstone 
APA Format references within the last 5 years. 

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