300-500 word paper, uploaded to CANVAS as a Word document. (Please convert .pages files to .docx files before uploading.)
Davis, Adam and Lynn, Elizabeth ed. The Civically Engaged Reader: A Diverse Collection of Short Provocative Readings on Civic Activity. Great Books Foundation, 2006. 
After carefully reviewing course materials, activities, media examples and the assigned readings in the module, use part 1 of your paper to demonstrate your understanding of the element of engagement (serving). Your discussion of the element should properly cite evidence from at least two sources/authors as well as include your own thoughts and connections. Consider how you viewed the element prior to the readings and examples/discussions from class.
After outlining the various viewpoints of the element, use the evidence you provided in part 1—and your own analytical thinking—to imagine how you and at least two other parties (a total of three perspectives) outlined above would respond to the following question:
To what extent should we address inequality in our society?

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