Designing And Developing An E-Learning Course

Need By: Tomorrow, June 13, 2021 
Total $35: $15 NOW/ $20 COMPLETE 
Write a 4–6 page paper in which you:
Revise the proposed e-Learning course from the Week 6 assignment based on feedback from your professor. (ATTACHED AS PROPOSED COURSE DEVELOPMENT) 
Name the course and provide an ID using the format Course Name: Pat Smith_Learning Styles: Homeschooling 101; Course ID: PatSmith_EDU130
Provide a course description with three goals and a welcoming announcement.
List one or two required instructional materials for the course and at least three
supplemental materials, providing a rationale for each.
List 3–5 learning outcomes for the first three weeks of instruction.
Recommend three or four instructional strategies to be used in the course,
providing a rationale for each.
Design a weekly schedule for these first three weeks that includes topics and
learning outcomes aligned with the topics.
Include in the weekly schedule one discussion question and required activities for
each of the three weeks.
List two assignments: a five-question quiz and a writing assignment

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