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Feedback on PICO question. APA reference. 2 paragraphs. 
P: Adult inpatients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. Cancer patients tend to suffer from a range of detrimental diseases and chemo therapy induced side effects (Wengstrom, 2017). 
I: Inpatient supervised exercise program. Exercise has been shown to counteract some of the side effects of chemo therapy, all the while improving quality of life (Wengstrom, 2017).  
C: Lack of exercise program 
O: Impact of exercise program at reducing side effect of chemotherapy and reducing hospital stay
T: 4 months 
2. Create an EBP research question that is clearly stated. (This should be one sentence only and in the form of a question).
In inpatient chemotherapy patients, how does an exercise regimen compared to no exercise regimen affect hospital stay and side effects of chemotherapy agents within 4 months?

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