View the Chicago Cityscape video at the following link:

View the Chicago Cityscape video at the following link: (Links to an external site.).
Note the different genres of film that each audio example suggests, even though the footage is identical.
Replay the video on mute and play some of your favorite music selections from a separate source. Identify a song to serve as the non-diegetic intro to a film genre of your choosing. Find a recording of the song on YouTube and copy the URL to paste into the discussion board.
In your discussion post, paste the URL to the video you have selected, and discuss the following points:
What film genres do the three samples in the original video suggest?
What film genre does your song suggest?
How does your song choice prepare audiences for the upcoming film’s setting? Explain any musical devices used to set up listener expectations.
What is the importance of non-diegetic music in shaping an audience’s interpretation of and response to the fragmented images and dialogue?
Perceiving the Arts: An Introduction to the Humanities
Chapter 8: Cinema

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