Discussion: Smart Growth/Growth Management

I am in need of a thorough writer who is able to write a discussion (doctoral level) that will answer every part of the instructions (attached). This professor is EXTREMLELY ANAL and I have attached a list of his pet peeves and APA citations and how things should be quoted for guidance. There are A LOT of attachments/ articles for guidance’s purposes. . A Biblical perspective and scriptures must be incorporated and cited. 
For this assignment,   create a discussion post based on:
Based on your readings thus far from the text and your own research, discuss and analyze: 
• The arguments of Chinitz (1990) on whether growth management is ‘good for the town, bad for the nation’ (Journal of the American Planning Association 56: 3–8)
• The responses by Fischel (1991) and Neuman (1991) 
• The reasons behind smart growth?
The discussion should be in APA format and have 3 pages with at least 6 sources. Please incorperae the book and articles attached for sources and any reference you use Biblically. 

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