Instructions from the proffesor For this outline, you will not actually be worki

Instructions from the proffesor
For this outline, you will not actually be working with a group, but you will be crafting your outline as if you are. Basically, you get to pretend.
●You must create enough content for at least 3 speakers, including yourself. However, you only need to fully develop the section of the outline that YOU will be speaking on. You can provide shortened bullet points for the others. You should still craft your intro and conclusion fully, but for the main points, you only need to use full sentences and include complete content for whichever section you choose.
● You have relatively free range for the topic for this speech. It should be some sort of “proposal”, that is an offering of a solution, product, policy, etc. I encourage you to tailor your proposal to your own professional career. Are you a web design specialist? Consider pitching a design to a potential client. Are you a manager in HR? Consider presenting a new policy to board members.
● Format your outline in the same way you did for your informative and persuasive speeches, utilizing the various sample outlines I have provided. You will need to adapt transitions for a team presentation format. For example, “Now that I have discussed A, I’d like to pass it along to Uli, who will be discussing B….”
● You must include at least three outside academic sources within your outline, in APA format, cited both in-text and in a references page.
● At the top of your outline, you must include:
●A description of your intended audience
●The type of equipment you will need (computers, software, projectors, web connections, etc.)
● At this point, you have received feedback on multiple outlines- be sure to review the feedback I have provided again in order to ensure you are meeting the guidelines for how I utilize the rubric for speech outlines, particularly from the informative and persuasive speeches.

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