RESEARCH PROJECT – Business Practices Select a research topic from the list belo

RESEARCH PROJECT – Business Practices
Select a research topic from the list below and prepare a written/graphic Report. Some topics seem to be more of the written
type, others graphic…..but for the most part, the projects can be a combination of graphics with a written outline support. The list
is not all-inclusive; should a topic that you are interested in not be on the list, you may request an alternative topic no later than the
second class period. All topics must be approved by the instructor.
The purpose of this research problem is to:
1. Encourage reading and research, and to develop analytical methods.
2. Strengthen the student’s knowledge of current industry standards.
3. Develop hierarchies through Grab-bagging and Brainstorming.
There are no minimum requirements, but the intent of the project is twofold:
1. You should get something out of the research.
2. Your classmates should get something out of the project.
Written/Graphic Report 8 1/2″ x 11″ format (horizontal or vertical orientation – horizontal preferred.)
A long written report that no one reads is not better that a well organized outline that contains important bullet points, costs, services, diagrams (if applicable) and sources. Choose & present
the most important data.
Pick One:
1. Organizations
1.1 Secretary of State (Fl)
1.2 Municipality (Pinellas Co.)
1.3 Construction Industry
1.4 Pinellas County Construction Fictitious Name Occupational Licenses License Board (CILB) Ind. Licensing Board (PCCILB)
1.5 Chamber of Commerce
1.6 Better Business Bureau
1.7 United States Green
1.8 Associated General Building Council (USGBC) Contractors (AGC)
1.9 National Association of
1.10 Tampa Bay Builders’ 1
.11 Pinellas County 1.12 American Institute of
Home Builders (NAHB) Association (TBBA) Cooperative Extension Architects (AIA)
1.13 American Institute of 1.14 1.15 1.16
Building Designers (AIBD)
2. Legal Issues
2.1 Corporations
2.2 Partnerships
2.3 Sole Proprietor
2.4 Payroll Taxes
(Federal & State)
2.5 Social Security
2.6 Workers’ Compensation
2.7 Insurance
2.8 Insurance (Liability)
Insurance (Health, Dental, Eye, etc.)
2.9 Licensing Requirements 2.10 2.11 2.12
3. Other
3.1 Business Software
3.2 Timberline software.
3.3 MS/Project

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