Book Reference :  Disaster Policy and Politics  . Emergency Management  and Homeland Security.  By Richard Sylves Third Edition 202. . 
Legislative References
This is a Graduate level paper-must be clear, concise and extremely professionally written
Please complete a Research Paper which will provide an in-depth and detailed chronological history of United States homeland security (period before civil defense} before it was considered homeland security. In other words, describe what use to be in place for homeland security from the founding of the country up to when it became about civil defense. This section might be brief. Then cover the civil defense period in more detail. Finally, cover the period from 9/11 forward. Another way of viewing this timeline is from the founding to WWII, then post WWII to 9/11, then forward. Be sure to discuss emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery issues) and homeland security (same as emergency management subtopics but also national security strategies, intelligence, counterterrorism, etc.). There is much to be covered in each period: legal framework, policy development, Acts, laws, Preparedness directives, executive orders, and case law, etc. Consider the founding fathers and their documents as well. Please include Biblical foundational perspectives as well.
Special additional instructions:
Items to include are outlined as follows:
•    Cover sheet through references page must follow enclosed Apa template Paper must be at least 7 full pages of content
—must have abstract and keywords portions included
•    A minimum of 8 references are required
•    Standard APA 7th edition Formatting will be used— see enclosed APA quick reference
•    Please include Biblical integration -use paragraph before conclusion to apply New King James Bible Versus and discussion how they pertain to Homeland Security and need to protect the nation from a biblical history perspective as well. 
•    Acceptable sources should be scholarly articles published within the last five years—- 5 years back for sources only!! See recommended source document—no Wikipedia—no Britannia Encyclopedias online etc. Scholarly or agency publications. 
—Use enclosed formats for paper template. Font is Times New Roman size 12. 
Written Guarantee of no plagiarism or check completed research  paper with plagiarism tool/app and provide results if possible to ensure absolutely no plagiarism. .

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